Materials Price Hike !

Since the Brexit referendum announcement nearly two years ago, the nation as a whole has seen price rises across the board, the construction industry is no different. It has been estimated by the Federation of Master Builders that materials have increased in price over the past 12 months by around 7%, while such materials as insulation has increased by as much as 16%

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In order to negate the transfer of these increases onto our clients, as well as to remain competitive, it is now more important than ever to source materials intelligently. PJ Harte have implemented a number of procedures to aid our sourcing process. This has meant expanding collaborative relationships with our key suppliers in order to increase overall purchase volumes and limit the price increases across the combined supply chain allowing us the opportunity to pass our savings onto our customers.

We also keep abreast of future price forecasts, and source materials pre-price increase and pass these savings onto our clients. . Finally we always look to take advantage of economies of scale, to maximise value, without compromising quality.

With further price rises expected in the third and fourth quarters of 2018, we are & will continue to support our clients in order to provide cost efficient projects.

Adam Fisher

PJ Harte - Buyer

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